About Us

Remember the first time you got paid for your music, or the first time you sold a piece of art? Or are you still dreaming of that day? Sharing your work on social media can’t replace that feeling – even if you get excited watching the number of ‘likes’ tally up. That’s because you know that those likes don’t = real money.

What if there was another way?

At Contribute.to, we offer you – musicians, artists, and creators of all kinds – an interactive tool to showcase your work, easily share it with your fans and supporters, and get paid for your efforts.

This isn’t another platform or social media hub – there are already enough out there. We’re here for one thing – enabling your supporters to send you cold, hard cash in just three clicks.

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Contribute.to travels with you wherever you are. On social media, in emails or messages – even at your next art fair or on the side of your tour bus! However you use it, Contribute.to enables instant contributions – and they might even be doubled by patrons from our network!

Now anyone who ‘likes’ what you do can send you money to reward your work, express their support, and encourage you to keep on creating. Welcome to the new creator economy!